Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Service Work?

Our Modelo 210 service is very simple to use.

Once you have completed the online Modelo 210 tax form we calculate the amount of tax you have to pay.

We then contact you by email to inform you of this amount and the payment methods, giving you two options……

1. You send us the total amount to pay (tax and fee) and we submit and pay the tax return for you.

2. You send us the fee only and the tax is presented as a direct debit meaning that the  payment will not be taken by the tax authorities until the 31st of December.

Once tax has been presented we send you the presented tax returns and the invoice by email

Unlike other services, our fee is only per property and not per person (applicable up to three owners, for more than three owners please contact us for a quote).

Why Choose Us?

As well as saving you time, money and all of the hassle of interacting with the Spanish tax authorities our service also differs from other offerings in a number of important ways….

One-Stop, All-Inclusive Service

Whilst some other services leave you with the responsibility and hassle of having to present your tax forms and make payment yourself in person at a bank, we handle everything for you in-house.  From calculating your taxes through to completing your tax return, organising the payment direct with the Spanish tax office and providing you with an official receipt.  It’s all done for you.

Clear, Transparent Pricing

Some services tend to highlight low headline fees which quickly rise when you add extras such as additional owners, presentation of your return to the Spanish tax office and making payments direct online.

We don’t do that – our fees are totally transparent and all-inclusive at €59 per property (for single or co-owners).  So our service often works out cheaper too. Thereafter, We charge an additional €20 for each additional owner.

Please note that parking spaces and garages are separate taxable entities to any property and require their own individual returns.  So attracting both additional taxes and fees.

Payment Flexibility

Other services limit your payment methods.  Depending on their location you may only be able to pay via direct debit from a UK or Spanish bank account.

We offer far greater flexibility – offering safe and secure payment options such as credit card and cheque as well as direct debit and bank transfer.

In-House Service

We are actually based in Spain (Lanzarote to be exact), work in direct partnership with the Spanish tax office and undertake all of the work on your tax return ourselves in-house.

So you always know exactly which member of our friendly, English speaking team is working on your tax return.

Our Experience – Since 1993

Our founder, Ben Einar Simkins, has decades of experience in the field of non-resident taxation having first established his tax consultancy in Spain in 1993.

He has a degree in economics, is a fully qualified and accredited tax consultant and is a member of recognised trade bodies such as REAF (Association of Economist and Fiscal Advisers) and CFE (Association of European Tax Advisers).

He heads a team of fully qualified advisers who specialise in Modelo 210 tax returns for non-residents.

How Do I Make Payment?

We make payment as easy as possible for our clients by providing a number of different, safe and secure payment methods, including bank transfer, credit card and even cheque.

Please note that we can only accept Spanish bank cheques up until mid-November each year as they need time to clear.

How Much Tax Will I Have To Pay?

The exact amount of tax to pay can vary, dependent on your property’s location in Spain.

Your annual tax liability is based on what is called the valor catastral, or rateable value of your Spanish property – not its market value. And the calculation also depends on when your local council in Spain last assessed your property.

You will find the valor catastral for your property and the date it was assessed on your most recent IBI/local rates/council tax bill.

However, you need to complete our tax form for us to be able to calculate the exact amount for you.

How Much Does Your Service Cost Me?

Our one-stop service costs just €62 (plus local VAT of 7%).  This fee covers returns for properties with one or two owners.  Thereafter, we charge an additional fee of €20 for each additional owner.

We take care of the entire process for you from start to finish – saving you time, money and any need to interact with the Spanish tax authorities.

How Much Money Can I Save?

Lawyers, accountants, solicitors and their local equivalents in Spain such as Gestors typically charge hundreds of euros for this service – so we can save you a considerable sum of money.

How And When Do I Pay For Your Service?

If you have picked payment option 1 (see How Does Our Service Work above) then you send us the tax and the fee just before we present your tax.

Option 2, requires you send us the fee just before we present the tax that will then be paid by direct debit to the Agencia Tributaria the 31 of December.

We accept payment by credit card, bank transfer and cheque. We can only accept Spanish cheques up till mid-November as the needs to be time for clearance.

I Spend Some Time In Spain - Am I Non-Resident?

As a general rule, if you spend less than 183 days in Spain then you are deemed non-resident for tax purposes in Spain.

When Is The Annual Deadline For Modelo 210 Non-Letting Returns?

Modelo 210 non-resident taxes must be paid by December 31st each year.

They are based on previous year’s figures – so for example by December 31st 2020 you will need to submit a return and pay tax for the year 2019.

For logistical reasons this website can only accept new clients and payments up until the 15th of December.

What If I Have Recently Sold My Property?

Even if in the year you sell the property you should `pay the tax from the 01/01 up till the selling date.

Why Do I Need To Submit A Modelo 210 Tax Return?

It’s required by Spanish tax legislation.

The Spanish authorities retain records of all properties in Spain and will always investigate cases where no returns have been filed for a particular property.

However, it is possible to pay previous years’ unpaid taxes now, if you have fallen behind.

What If I Have Fallen Behind Or Never Made Payments?

The Spanish tax authorities do not pursue payments that are fours year overdue or more.

However, they do keep records of properties which have not filed any tax returns and this can often cause problems for non-resident owners when they come to sell their second home in Spain.

Under these circumstances, we can act as an intermediary for you with the Spanish tax authorities and resolve this issue for you.

Our Property Has Multiple Owners - Does That Mean Extra Cost?

No. Our price is per property, not per person.  So our fee remains the same for up to two joint owners of any property.

If there are three or more owners please contact us for pricing.

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