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2021 Modelo 210 Tax Deadline Looms

2021 Modelo 210 Tax Deadline Looms

If you own a holiday home in Spain and are a non-resident then you have until December 31st to file and pay your Modelo 210 Non-Letting tax return.

Who Is Liable To Pay The Modelo 210 Non-Letting Tax?

The Modelo 210 Non-Letting tax is applied to all properties in Spain which are owned by non-residents and which do not generate any rental income.  So even if you do not rent your holiday home out you are still liable to pay.  Failure to do so can lead to fines and complications with the Spanish tax authorities, especially when it comes to selling your property in Spain.

Who Qualifies As Non-Resident?

A non-resident is anyone who spends less than 183 days in Spain during a full tax year.  And the Spanish tax authorities do not issue any reminders – so it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that a return is completed.

What Tax Year Am I Filing For?

The Modelo 210 Non-Letting tax is applied retrospectively – which means that you are obliged to file and pay for the tax year of 2020 by December 31st this year.

What If I Rented For Some Of This Period?

Thanks to Covid and the resulting travel restrictions imposed during 2020 many holiday homeowners who normally rent their homes to tourists face being caught out.  As they are unaware that they must still pay the Modelo 210 Non-Letting tax even when their property sits empty for as little as three consecutive months during a tax year.

How Can I File My Return?

Our online service saves you time and money – as we handle the entire process for you for just €59.  From calculating your tax, through to filling out and filing your return with the Spanish tax office.

To get started just take a few minutes to fill out our Modelo 210 tax form.

Can I Trust Your Service?

Yes, of course.  We are fully accredited, professional accountants and members of relevat trade bodies such as REAF (Association of Economists and Fiscal Advisers) and CFE (Association of European Tax Advisers).  You can find out more about the team at Spanish Taxes Online here.

Previous satisfied clients have also posted 5 Star reviews about our service on independent platforms such as Trust Pilot and Google Reviews.  Visit our client reviews page for more information.

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